About Moore & Associates

Our team of seasoned professionals provides effective assistance in manufacturing, distribution, transportation and informations systems.

We answer questions such as:

  • How can the supply chain as a whole be optimized, rather than the individual components?
  • How can we improve customer service while reducing inventory?
  • Where should warehouses be located to optimize the service/cost trade-off?
  • Where should plants be located, and what is the role of low-cost labor countries?
  • How can we increase manufacturing capacity without major investment?
  • Should we outsource distribution operations?
  • How can we reduce transportation costs while maintaining world-class service?
  • How can systems enhance logistics decision-making?

Not only do we provide cost-effective solutions at competitive rates, we integrate each element of the supply chain to ensure that the overall least-cost and best-service is obtained.

Case Study

  • Lean Sigma
    We focus on the practical application of Lean and Six Sigma thinking to manufacturing, engineering, materials management, distribution, product development, services, and offices. We use kaizen blitz...

Services We Provide

  • Lean Manufacturing Scheduling
  • Warehouse Optimization
  • Lower Cost Transportation
  • Enhanced Customer Service
  • Optimizing Logistics Systems
  • Reducing the Impact of the Carrier Shortage