Distribution Network Strategy and Optimization

Products companies need to periodically re-think where products are produced and how they are physically distributed – even when it’s not obvious that economics have changed. We help clients with all the steps in the process:

  • Conceptualize better manufacturing and distribution network approaches for their businesses. Usually this is the most critical and difficult step – creating better ideas! Knowing how other businesses have restructured their networks – both in your industry and in other industries – can help.
  • Model the economics of alternative networks – often it’s not practical for clients to maintain the skills in-house for this kind of work.  We have done these analyses, using various modeling software tools, many times.
  • Right-size inventory.  What are the right inventories to have in which locations? Should we go with a different mix?
  • Plan implementation.  Which network changes are actually worth implementing – not all improvements will actually be worth making disruptive and expensive changes.  Which are the highest priority and should be implemented first, versus other changes that can be deferred?