Implementing Produce-to-Demand

Before rolling our Produce-to-Demand, establish a pilot with distinct objectives and a scope that is big enough to be meaningful, yet small enough to enable control and oversight.  The goals of the pilot are to teach, evaluate, and create an understanding of precisely what effect Produce-to-Demand is having on your business.  Expansion of the pilot should be conducted slowly in the same way - ensuring that prerequisites are in place, identifying the scope, and keeping the same management team.

Much like dipping your toe in an unknown body of water, a pilot is the best way to test the temperature and identify potential dangers.

The following diagram is an illustration of the implementation timeline:

Keep in mind that while some costs may increase (materials inventories, plant changeovers, overtime, and capital equipment depreciation) - our experience has been that when Produce-to-Demand is carefully planned and cautiously implemented, the savings far, far outweigh the incremental costs.