Implementing Planning Changes

Moore & Associates is ready to go as far down the implementation path as clients need to achieve better product flow:

  • Design new processes via lean value stream mapping or classic hierarchical design workshops
  • Generate Systems Requirements.  With almost all applications software now licensed packages, creating systems functional requirements has become a lost art.  But it still makes sense to figure out what you really need before deciding what to buy. Thought-out systems requirements can be a critical step in reducing inventory.
  • Evaluate and select packaged software.  Do you just fill in the SAP checkboxes, or do you need help finding the best system for the functions?
  • Implement software and process changes. Sometimes clients need hands-on, on-site assistance to do an effective implementation. Moore & Associates does not specialize in software configuration, e. g. switch-setting and knob-turning. Rather, we focus on getting new tools and processes to actually deliver the expected benefits for the client and often include specialists from the software provider (or other sources) in the comprehensive effort.